What is Your Bag of Mystery?

Who does not love it to receive and open gifts? That anticipation and delight?  Or your birthday being celebrated and remembered by others? We are so sad when that does not happen on our, at least one, special day a year. It feels kind of the same as when we are not seen and heard, and when our talents, ideas, contributions, wisdom and insights are not appreciated and recognised or dismissed, ridiculed, or ignored.

What brings about more unnecessary hurt is when our genius and greatness are not understood or when it does not fit into current standardised systems, opinions, preconceived ideas, limited frames of reference, or rigid mind-sets of others.

Thank you. This is for me.

All yours at $60

Our payment gateway is South African, and as a result the currency of this workshop will show in South African Rands when adding to the cart. The approximate currency conversion to US$ is $60.

Such instances cause much conflict, dissonance, low self-esteem, half-heartedness, suppressed anger and resentment, and lack of follow through. It breaks us down psychologically, mentally, emotionally and physically. Denying or rejection of our genius can be one of the most lethal crimes against our souls. There is a wonderful place under the sun for all of us. Nonetheless many never get the opportunity to live, experience, share and enjoy their potential due to lack of understanding, especially during our forming years as children and during educational processes. Unfortunately it does not end here, as the pattern continues in the workplace and society at large. But not to worry, today you are about to receive an unexpected gift. We are going to open up your Bag of Mystery! You will be astonished to discover what is waiting inside your Bag of Mystery. Like any other treasure, it must be unearthed!


We always start from a place of curiosity and wonder,
and explore possibility

In ‘Your Bag of Mystery’ we explore and look at:

What is hiding inside your Bag of Mystery?

  • Your inner genius, intelligences (42 of them, yes its true), sensibilities (37 of them, yes its true) and inherent talents
  • How to access, claim, own, enact, and direct your treasures purposefully
  • How to transform all the aspects of your life through this discovery
  • How to presence, feel, sense, embody, express and share your treasures authentically
  • How to create an abundant, fulfilled, meaningful and significant livelihood for yourself
  • How your treasures assist you to make your dreams come a reality
  • How your treasures contribute to wellbeing for you on all levels
  • How to revitalise and reenergise your contribution to life and your life’s work
  • How to find purpose and meaning by sharing your treasures with the world
  • How to approach and respond to the world and others in a joyful and empowered way
  • How to recognise and appreciate the treasures of others
  • How to navigate life enacting our treasures
  • How to attract what we require to fulfil our dreams and to live life fully
  • How our relationships will transform on all levels when we presence, own, and enact our treasures
  • How our treasures transform any experience for the greater good, whether personal, professional or social, and whether an individual, community, group or organisation
  • How the many socio-economic-eco-political-cultural dilemmas of our time will dissolve when all humans awaken to their treasures
  • Sensory simulation of what it is about so we can decide for ourselves
  • Embodiment experimentation so we can further explore and integrate into our personal, every day, real life situations

Who will benefit from this vibrant exploration and embodied experimentation?

All of Humanity

Self-actualising individuals

Leaders and organizations

Entrepreneurs and start-ups

Artists and creatives

Inventors and innovators

Teachers and learners (students)

Graduates and school leavers

Parents and children

Changemakers and activists

Thought Leaders and sensemakers

Teams and groups

Coaches and mentors

Potential Catalysts and guides

Conscious co-creators of the future

Anyone who wants to self-actualise or transform their lives

Anyone who are looking for meaning and purpose

Anyone who feels their genius is not recognised or allowed to be expressed freely

Anyone who do not know how to externalise and monetise their true value

Anyone who wants to actualise their dreams and visions

Anyone who wants to improve their relationships and group dynamics

Anyone who wants to prosper and thrive

Anyone who loves to guide others how to thrive

Anyone who wants to embody and express their treasures and inner genius

Anyone who wants to create an abundant, joyful, meaningful, and fulfilled livelihood for themselves

Anyone who wants to make a significant contribution to the world

Anyone who does not know what to do next

Anyone who wants to let go and release self-sabotaging behaviour and beliefs

Anyone who wants to explore their wholeness and potential

Anyone who wants to harness the opportunities arising at this time

Anyone who wants to give up on life or who feels a mess or a failure or invisible

Anyone who needs to make important life-decisions related to careers, relationships, personal health and wellbeing on all levels, home, society, etc.

Anyone who needs to speak their truth or stand up for something

Anyone who wants to take charge of their own lives

Anyone on a personal growth and development journey

Anyone who wants to heal the soul of the world, thus their own soul too

And so many more…

Are you ready to take the leap?

Available at: $60

Our payment gateway is South African, and as a result the currency of this workshop will show in South African Rands when adding to the cart. The approximate currency conversion to US$ is $60.

Enjoyed and appreciated this exploration and experimentation?

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Did you know…

In our JOY Panorama Explorations, together, we explore concepts, paradigms, and phenomena that directly impact our experience of life and the total well-being of all humans, organisations, structures, the planet, and all her wondrous creatures and organisms?

Our JOY Panorama Explorations provide the ability for you to discover for yourself and to make your own, informed decisions relating to each theme, by using your inborn sensibilities and intelligence, both on a somatic and cognitive level?

Our JOY Panorama Explorations consist of 3 core elements, namely:

  1. Insight Immersion introducing different possibilities and perspectives (downloadable videos and audios)
  2. Sensory Simulation enabling a direct, personal, cognitive and somatic experience so we can discern for ourselves (downloadable videos and audios)
  3. Embodied Experimentation to enrich and expand our own personal experiences, with fun experimentation ideas and processes, and inspiration and support in a Playbook downloadable document, which you can explore in your own free time.

And a Surprise Bonus 15 minute Online JOY Session with Hannelie to share your experience and to explore questions and insights together that arose during your experience.

Passing on the Goodness


The nature of this experience, practices, techniques and subsequent awareness, vitality, health, growth and empowerment, is worth more than $750.00.

Yet, we understand that our perceptions and mind-sets create our experience and that we experience life through our senses. Our perceptions and mind-sets impact not only our own lives, but also that of Humanity, our beautiful Planet and all her creatures and organisms. It impacts all the aspects of our lives, how we think and feel about ourselves, how we think and feel about others and the world, life and possibilities, how we intend, relate, engage, create, make, share, contribute, act, interact, approach, respond to and do life. It is our aspiration to therefor introduce these perspectives to as many humans as possible and for that purpose made it available at $60.

We share different techniques and practices in each of these 8 explorations, thus you have access to abundant resources.

Join our Facebook Community, namely our JOY Generation World Group, and share your experiences, insights and any inspirational and uplifting articles and stories. You are now a JOY Generator.

Want to transform your life or your organization?

Want to explore them all? Receive all 8 explorations for $480 and receive a copy of JOY Generator Han’s e-book ‘IOS – I am onto something’


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Gift and Share forward

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This is not a once-off experience. You are able to enact, apply and integrate all techniques used into any situation, environment, and into all the aspects of your life, your business, organizations, communities and groups. You are welcome to contact us for assistance to introduce discoveries, practices and insights into your line of work, environment and to integrate further into your own personal life.

Speakers Opportunity

Seasoned Public Speakers and Facilitators, we are available to speak and share embodied experiences and wisdom at your in-house events, public events, online events, conferences, webinars, and summits on these and other topics, across the globe. Book a speaker of facilitator here. Connect with us to explore your specific requirements.

‘Go confidently into the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.’ Henry David Thoreau