JOY Panorama


What fun is it to explore your World each day?
We receive so many gifts and appreciate this wondrous stay.
Now it is our chance to return the bounty for which we are renowned,
As this visit is so remarkable, playful and profound.

We do not claim to be experts on how to live nor your lives,
That is something that belong in the past and archives.
May these insights enrich and improve your experiences
And relieve you from hurt, stress, and pain caused by differences.

It is your birth right to experience pure joy and to thrive,
There is no need to stress, struggle, suffer or strive,
Other ways to respond to Life and to approach various situations,
Are always available, no matter who you are or your location.

Whether in the bed, car, bus, plane or train,
A few minutes of Self-Sustenance in this way will not be in vain.
As with everything in your World, take the good and leave the rest,
Your personal well-being will elevate with a renewed zest.

It is our way of saying thank you,
And to inspire and support the JOY Generation and Crew,
Remember that your World appreciates and needs you now,
What you do and share is simply wow!