Online Sessions

JOY Sense new to you?

  • Curious about JOY Sense and Sensemaking?
  • Interested to discover how new ways of relating, engaging and participation can assist you?
  • Interested in new ways of applying your creative and innovative abilities?
  • Interested to discover how the Collective Intelligence can assist you, no matter your situation?
  • Interested how you can experience a more joyful, meaningful, and abundant life?
  • Want to approach and respond to life in a more empowered and aligned way?

To know you have to go! A personal Sensemaking Exploration Online Session will give you a personal taste in a safe, non-judgmental and caring space.

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JOYSense Personal GPS Journeys


A personal online GPS Journey will not only energise and inspire you, it assists you to embrace life fully, find clarity, ignite and presence your passion, externalise your value and creations, cultivate prosperous and meaningful relationships, get into flow, trust your decisions, discover renewed self-worth, show up in the world with self-confidence, to approach others, life and possibilities with ease and joy, and be more present, relaxed and prepared for opportunities coming your way. One shoe does not fit all. You are unique. During your Personal Exploration Session we explore the possibilities together of what is possible and best for your total well-being at this time.

JOYSense Personal Learning Journeys


A personal online Sensemaking Learning Journey will transform any learning experience and turns traditional study methods on its head. Now it is fun to learn. Learning becomes a meaningful and joyful part of life. You have more time to spend on other empowering and self-care activities. In this 3 month online experience you prepare yourself for all the amazing opportunities awaiting you. The world needs what you bring. As each of us beings something very unique to the world, and we each perceive and learn in a unique way, your journey is precious to us. One shoe does not fit all. During your Personal Exploration Session we explore the possibilities together and you can make an informed decision.