What is ‘Beyond Labels and Roles’?


We human beings are fascinating creatures, as we easily identify and validate ourselves relating to all kind of labels, functions, and roles. Yet such validation and identification limits not only our relationships, but also our contributions to the world and experience of life.

We are about so much more than it says on the label. Our intelligence and inner genius cannot be put into a box or tin. Sadly, we are not able to see, perceive, consider and benefit from other possibilities and we begin to think a box. This ‘box’ and ‘label’ states how we should think, act and respond.

The identification with a role or label keeps us stuck in a linear, goal and task driven functional approach, which can cause us to go around in circles of the familiar. We are not able to enact creative and independent thinking when something is not working well or when we need to make the best decision or need to find solutions. But there are infinite possibilities, configurations, permutations, and combinations available to us outside of the box and beyond the label, function and role.


In ‘Beyond Labels and Roles’ we:

We always start from a place of gratitude and sense for joy throughout the experience.  We are grateful that we are able to tune into the collective intelligence and wisdom, and that we explore what wisdom is available beyond labels and roles in this way. Thank you.

Tap into the collective intelligence and wisdom to sense into how we can combine our creative powers and creative thinking to move from linear, goal and task driven functional approaches to meaningful, whole-system, ever-present whole person contributions, potential realization and personal fulfilment.

We do this by enacting our receptive, creative, conceptual and contextual abilities and all our senses, inner and outer, thus our physical 5 senses, our intuition, imagination and extra-sensory abilities.

We are able to

  • Enact and enjoy a Universal Language that does not discriminate based on understanding, environment, development, age, gender, race, culture, status, role, preferences, generation, etc.
  • Enact a variety of sensemaking processes, techniques and practices
  • Be fully present to what emerges, as there is no need to defend, justify, explain, or protect insights and ideas emerging through the process
  • Listen to receive, not to evaluate, understand, or respond
  • Co-create context for whatever information, wisdom and insights emerge through the process
  • Explore and apply this context on an individual and collective level, thus practical application that has personal value, symbolic meaning for humanity, and global impact
  • Weave these insights together in a meaningful way, in the event that we enacted collective sensemaking in a group environment
  • Expand the information by using our creative and conceptual abilities, and are introduced to many creative and embodied thinking techniques and practices
  • Enact, stimulate, nourish and strengthen our receptive, creative, contextual and conceptual abilities, which are all extremely valuable in the 21st Century
  • Take meaningful, relevant, aligned, synchronised, and coherent actions and interactions
  • Track insights and the flow of ideas arising after the experience without losing fluidity, momentum, continuity and follow through
  • Cultivate meaningful relationships and track degrees of connection
  • Respect serendipity and trust synchronicity
  • Elevate any group engagement to another level
  • Transcend human dynamic challenges such as hidden agendas, pre-conceived ideas, rigid mind-sets, limited frames of reference, strong personalities and opinions
  • Fuse different lines of thought, contradictory ideals, opposing forces and ideas, and embrace diversity and versatility in a graceful way
  • Apply sensemaking in any context, situation, environment and industry, whether a personal, group, community, organisational or collective dilemma we need guidance, solutions and wisdom for

Who will benefit from this immersion?

All of Humanity

Organizations and contributors to the workplace

Teams and groups

Entrepreneurs and start-ups

Leaders and politicians

Inventors and innovators

Facilitators and catalysts

Conversationalists and engagers

Changemakers, pioneers and activists

Thought Leaders, philosophers, and sensemakers

Coaches and mentors

Teachers and learners (students)

Parents and children

Conscious co-creators of the prolific engagements

Any group who needs more alignment, harmony, flow and coherence

Anyone who leads or facilitates or guides groups with diverse members and participants

Anyone who needs to elevate any group engagement to another level

Anyone who wants to think independently from their label, function or role

Anyone who wants to improve and stimulate their creative and independent thinking abilities

Anyone who wants to embrace whole system thinking

Anyone who designs systems, structures and applications

Anyone who feels inhibited because of their role, label or function, and how society expects them to react and behave

Anyone who is victim to unkind stereotyping and generational labelling

Anyone who finds it challenging to think outside of their label, function and role

Anyone who wants to struggles to find solutions and to make decisions

Anyone who wants to understand human dynamics and behaviour better

Anyone who wants to improve their creative intelligence

Anyone who wishes to embrace and harness the intelligence available beyond roles, labels and functions

Anyone who feels stuck in their rightness and opinions

Anyone who works with people

Anyone who leads, facilitates and participates in conversations, dialogue, and discussions

Anyone who leads, facilitates and participates in strategic, change, empowerment, learning, knowledge sharing, innovation and upliftment initiatives

Anyone who wants to discover how to tune into and tap into the collective intelligence and wisdom

Anyone who want to sense into what is emerging at this moment in time

Anyone who wants to become more aware, alert, connected, sensitive, attentive and responsive to what is emerging and happening in their environment

Anyone who wants to discover how to listen to receive, not to evaluate, understand, or respond

Anyone who wants to enact, stimulate, nourish and strengthen their sensemaking, receptive, creative, contextual and conceptual abilities

Anyone who struggles with active motion and follow through

Anyone who struggles to cultivate meaningful relationships

Anyone who struggles to thrive, contribute and stay present in group environments where there are many experts present

Anyone who needs to transcend human dynamic challenges such as hidden agendas, pre-conceived ideas, rigid mind-sets, limited frames of reference, and opinions

Anyone who needs to fuse different lines of thought, contradictory ideals, opposing forces and ideas, and embrace diversity and versatility in a graceful way

Anyone who needs to introduce new concepts, paradigms, ideas or models of understanding

Anyone who teaches and shares knowledge

Anyone who desires to transform conflict, division, dissonance and disconnection within their group, community, organisation, or the world

Anyone who wants to be able to entertain and listen to other view

Anyone who wants to explore other possibilities

Anyone who no longer wants to be hostage to limiting mind-sets and judgment

Anyone who wants to make a significant contribution to the world

And so many more…

Value of experience: $450

Available at: $90

R1300 is an approximate equivalent of $90 – The Joy Generation accepts international payments.

Enjoyed and appreciated this sensemaking immersion?

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Did you know…

In our JOYSense Immersions and Experiences we follow the path of resonance and sense for joy. That way we stay on track and follow the natural flow. Together, we tap into the collective intelligence and wisdom to discover insights and information that can assist us to elevate any group interaction and positively impact the way we relate, engage, co-create, manifest, synthesise, and actualise. Humanity seems not to be able to find solutions for our multitude personal-socio-economic-eco-geopolitical-culture dilemmas, even with easy access to information on the internet and knowledge, millions of academic papers and books published, and the ability to connect and communicate with ease through technology and communication. Furthermore we are not so clever and sophisticated as we think we are, as the way we treat each other, our planet and other creatures and organisms do not reflect that. We thus consult and sense into the collective intelligence and wisdom with reverence and respect to provide us with meaningful, relevant and practical guidance.

Our JOYSense immersions introduce us gracefully to sensemaking processes, techniques and practices that we can enact and apply to tune into and sense into the collective intelligence and wisdom, by using our inborn sensibilities and intelligence, both on a somatic and cognitive level.

Our JOYSense Immersions consist of 3 core elements, namely:

  1. Backdrop, wherein we share the context of the immersion
  2. A gentle transition to prepare us for the sensemaking experience
  3. And the sensemaking experience to tune into and sense into the collective intelligence and wisdom to guide us in terms of our theme

And a Surprise Bonus 15 minute Online JOYSense Session with Hannelie to share your experience and to explore questions and insights together that arose during your experience.

Passing on the Goodness


The nature of this experience, practices, techniques and subsequent unfolding and impact, is worth more than $450.00.

We understand the challenges of any group dynamics and group engagements, the need for humans to treat each other with respect, understanding, love, and reverence, and the need to resolve our dilemmas that affect all humans, our beautiful planet, and her creatures and organisms.  It is our aspiration to therefor introduce sensemaking processes, techniques and practices to as many humans as possible and for that purpose made our immersions available at $90.

We share different techniques and practices in each of these 8 immersions, thus you have access to abundant resources.

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Gift and Share forward

You also have the opportunity to gift an immersion to someone else. See our Gift Vouchers section.

This is not a once-off experience. You are able to enact, apply and integrate all techniques and practices used into any situation, environment, and into all the aspects of your life, your business, organizations, communities and groups. You are welcome to contact us for assistance to introduce discoveries, practices and insights into your context, environment and to integrate further into your own personal life and/or group and/or organization.

Speakers Opportunity

Seasoned Public Speakers and Facilitators, we are available to speak about and share embodied sensemaking experiences and wisdom relating to the collective intelligence and wisdom at your in-house events, public events, online events, conferences, webinars, and summits, regardless of the context, environment or industry, across the globe. We have been using our embodied sensemaking processes, which include generative action circles and the outflowing processes, to facilitate live strategic sessions, conferences and summits. Book a speaker of facilitator here. Connect with us to explore your specific requirements.

‘Make visible what, without you, might have never been seen.’ Robert Bresson