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You also get a snapshot of some of our joy alliances.


Love Hour

Join the Love Wave Online via Zoom, as together, we:
Choose Love over fear;
Reconnect with the power of Love and the Wonder of Life itself;
Allow ourselves to be nourished, stimulated, inspired, and supported; and
Co-create a global Love Wave.

The Greatness Experience

The current world events do not only affect our physical well-being, but also our emotional and mental wellbeing. Post Traumatic Stress affects all the aspects of our lives, our sense of self, sense of connection, vitality, relationships, careers, actions and interactions. In order to bring balance back into our lives, especially when we struggle with depression, loneliness, anxiety, uncertainty, despair, hopelessness, worries, loss, fear, disappointment, and self-worth issues, it is nourishing and empowering to be reminded of our own Greatness.  Take control back over your life and claim back your power from external events and circumstances by engaging in a guided, interactive Greatness Self-Care Workshop, consisting of 3 videos of an hour each, which will enable you to reconnect to your innate Greatness, and to experience it physically, thus somatic, sensory, and viscerally, as well as mentally, thus cerebrally and cognitively, and emotionally, thus felt, appreciated, and cherished. Access it here:


Sharing Corn Book

Sharing Corn – Leadership and Self-Leadership Awareness Journal – Volume 2 – Constructing and Embodying new Models of Understanding will be available March 2021 on Amazon.  We are excited to share that Volume 2 will be featuring contributions from esteemed Friends of the Joy Generation. Participating countries include Italy, UK, Germany, Finland, Brazil, Argentina, France, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Ukraine, and the USA.

The Joy of Living Questions

Instead of looking for answers, it is much more fun and meaningful to live the questions. During our new Questpod Series, The Joy of Living Questions, Hannelie and Lee explore what it could mean to embrace and live the art of magnifying our intentions. Subscribe to our Youtube Channel to ensure you do not miss out on these and other riveting experiences and explorations, as we follow the Path of Joy.



Prof. Piero Formica, a valued Joy Generation Council Member, from the Maynooth University, Ireland, has published his latest book, Econaissance – The Reimagined School and the Culture of Entrepreneurialism. Discover what Econaissance is about and why it is so important now, as Hannelie meets with Piero to explore. Visit our Youtube Channel to watch the interview, and get your copy of his latest book:

Now What?! Event

The new decade brought with it many unexpected events and disruptions. Instead of asking what the new normal is, we can show up fully and explore what is possible at this time. We are delighted to be part of the Now What?! – The art of being fully human in a time of crisis – Initiative and to serve on the Now What?! Collective. From 12 October – November 2020 you are welcome to participate in any of the live events and conversations. Hereafter the journey continues.  Register here and stay up to date by clicking on the button below:

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