Now that we had the opportunity to learn from each other,
Without needing to criticize, judge or smother.
We can jointly explore new ways of being and engaging,
Without needing to go back in some caging.

Instead of going round and round,
Like a hamster with no way out to be found,
Collective wisdom is always at hand,
And ready to inform both earthling and land.

No one has all the answers and solutions,
That is clear from his- and her-story, and the current institutions.
Individual wisdom does not have the same impact,
And simply causes more divide and can distract.

We embrace and revere being on Earth at this time,
Without any preconceived ideas we evoke the JOY enzyme,
As we tune into this abundant Universal Intel,
With all our sensibilities, every neuron and cell.

Together we sense into what wants to unfold and emerge,
And use our creative abilities to co-create meaning and to converge,
So this wisdom is given context and a place to expand and grow,
Which will serve all Earthlings and this beautiful blue planet, above and below.

Once we have a better understanding of what has become known in this way,
We begin to embody and share this wisdom forward with delight and a sway.
This World and other Worlds become a better place for all,
Which by itself sow more JOY seeds like a blessed rainfall.

 No matter your dilemma or request,
The Universe always knows what is best,
All we need to do is to have a pure intention,
And be still and open to its glorious intervention.